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You Need a Training Partner: Better Customer Service Boosts Revenue

October 20, 2020

On average, a sales rep trained with phone-call specific instruction will increase their appointment set rate by 30%. If that person takes two sales calls per day, that amounts to an additional $7800 in profit per month in one case study by a CallRevu training partner.

by Tasha Willingham

We often see dealerships that know they need to up their game. But, as with so many things in life, that is far easier said than done. The simple part is identifying your customer service needs work—the hard part is knowing how to fix it. In the beginning stages, we hear questions like

  • How do we bring in more customers?
  • How can we boost revenue?
  • What can we do better to set us apart from the competition?

These are very valid questions. In an effort to solve for them, dealers often turn their attention to training for service roles, maintenance and sales, believing that is where their pain points lie. But what often goes undiscussed is the lack of training given to those handling your calls.

Your calls play the most important role in your bottom line, especially in a post-COVID world. In a market dominated by remote sales, your phone is the first step toward making a sale or setting an appointment. If that experience falls short, you won’t be able to wow them with your service, promotion or sales pitch. You’ve got to get them to you first. To do that, you need to train your people to provide a better customer experience on phone calls.


The Benefits of Using a Training Partner vs. a DIY Program

Once you realize that training is a must, you may be considering a DIY approach. With a little bit of attention and some grit (you tell yourself), surely you can put a good training program in place. And possibly, you can. But, we’re going to tell you why you shouldn’t.


Proven Results

Training partners have years of experience and they use validated training methods to improve retention and provide the results you need. They know the best approaches for teaching and can apply their valuable expertise to get only the best results from your personnel. Naples Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram decided to engage a training partner and saw an 18% jump in their appointments set in a single month.


Better Structure and Processes

A training company has tried-and-true processes and instructional materials to transform subpar customer service into a structured process. No guesswork involved. With direct coaching, one-on-one role play scenarios, and persistent touchpoints, a training partner can provide a streamlined process that leads to better results.


Better ROI

Training partners can significantly improve appointments set and cars sold, bringing in additional revenue at little cost. On average, a sales rep trained with phone-call specific instruction will increase their appointment set rate by 30%. If that person takes two sales calls per day, that amounts to an additional $7800 in profit per month in one case study by a CallRevu training partner.


Increased Staff Confidence

A training partner isn’t just good for business, it helps create a healthier work culture. Staff who are empowered with proven techniques and practice are more confident and happier in the workplace, resulting in less turnover. 


Accountability Provides Results

One of the primary elements of a successful training program involves accountability. Training partners don’t just spout information and walk away, hoping something sticks. Your training partner will use a variety of learning methods, including individual coaching and acting out real situations, and then validate the skills with call monitoring. They hold staff accountable to provide the desired results.


Put Your Focus Where it Counts

When you trust a training company to handle the teaching, you get to focus on what you do best. Don’t split your focus—trust the pros to handle the training.


Customer Service is Everything

The customer experience is changing. It’s no longer enough to just have a shiny showroom to showcase your goodies. Digital channels provide a quick road to the competition if customers aren’t getting what they want, and quickly. You’ve got to be flexible and show your value before a customer even sets foot in your dealership if you want to remain competitive.

A training partner knows the true value of customer service and they will train your people to be professional, armed and ready with solutions to even the most difficult of situations. What’s even better? You’ll have a happy customer before they even set a physical foot inside your dealership. Now, THAT’s value.

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