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Making Connections

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Accelerating Change in the Automotive Industry

Dealers that are actively listening and using innovative communication intelligence technology are hearing that auto buyers don’t...

CallRevu Offers Opportunity to Boost New-Car Sales In A Remote Market

As a dealer, you have an opportunity to take advantage of the expanded interest in the new-car market. But, how can you go beyond...

5 Must-Haves for Selling Cars in a Pandemic

 The savviest dealers in our customer base saw consistent costs-per-conversion rates at or below the $30 level per conversion...

Better Communications = Better Commerce

Unifying your communications is the key to unlocking powerful conversation analytics. Dealers who combine ­intelligent contact...

Remote Sales: 3 Areas of Focus in Future-Proofing the Phone Experience

There is also huge value in connecting each leg of your customers journey. For instance, a customer may begin on your website,...

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