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New Feature Announcement

August 23, 2022

At CallRevu, we’re all about making it easier to manage the phones.  Now you have even more tools at your fingertips!  We’ve streamlined the user experience for call details and added new keyword features (keyword tagging, search, and alerts).  We’ve given you more insights and made it faster for you to review and take action on calls.  

Updated User ExperienceUX-ScreenA consolidated call list makes it faster to review calls while making it easier to drill down into specific calls for more details.


Call Detailscall-details-screen

New Call Details user interface delivers more detail and powerful insights to help you understand what happened on each call.


Call Transcripts & MoreCall-Flow-Screen

SalesVision will now offer our powerful VisualVoice intelligent audio player, full call transcripts, keyword tagging, and additional call metrics.


Custom Keywords & Alertscustom-keywords-screen


CallRevu’s keyword features let you create your own keywords, view keywords that were spoken on calls, search for calls by keywords, and get alerts when specific keywords are spoken.



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