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Chip King

Read the latest blog posts by Chip King, the Founder of CallRevu.

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Speed, Transparency, and Control: The Secrets to Enhancing the Customer Journey

Time to Embrace Change Now Stay ahead of those that are slow to shift the culture! “Every time we touch a customer, we ought to...

Your Customers Are Not Calling To Purchase A Vehicle Or Set A Service Appointment, They Are Calling To Rule You Out!

After many conversations with friends and advisors, and after an average of 14 hours online doing product and price...

C$I : Every Story Starts With a Phone Call

Think for a painful moment if you will, of your most recent customer satisfaction issue that grew to social media or impacted...
in CSI

The Difference Between Call Monitoring and Caller's Journey

By now, I am sure you agree call monitoring (we will define this as human summarization of specific calls to your business) is of...

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